Sealant Course Patient Requirements

Important Course Information:

  • Your enrollment packet will be EMAILED to you two (2) weeks before the course.  Please add to your safe sender/contact list to aid in delivery.
  • You will need a patient for your exam on Sunday afternoon.  Patients need to meet the following criteria:
    • Six (6) specific molar or pre-molar teeth that have been selected by the employing dentist.
    • No sealants on primary (baby) teeth
    • Occlusal surface MUST be free of stain and free of restoration.
    • The patient needs to be at least six (6) years of age and must be manageable.
    • Clinical examination patients cannot be current or previous dentists, dental assistants, or dental hygienists.
  • You will also need four (4) extracted molar or premolar teeth that have been disinfected and mounted in stone.  The mounted tooth should be
    • Easy to handle
    • Root surfaces completely covered in stone
    • Square in shape so that the tooth will sit upright on a lab bench. 
    • Free of restoration
    • Mount each tooth separately or two teeth together, leaving enough room between them to work.
    • Clinical crown of the tooth should be free of any debris and should not be covered in stone.

More specific information regarding patients, supplies needed, etc., will be included in your course packet.