Plans for COVID-19

None of us are in a position that we would have imagined just a few months ago. Plans for working with non-profits across the state are on hold for the foreseeable future. Courses for dental professionals remain scheduled until we are notified that we need to cancel that course.

Upcoming Courses

Due to course facilities being closed to the public, ALL coronal polishing, nitrous, and sealant courses through August 31 have been canceled.  If you had a PAID enrollment for an April - July course, coupon codes were sent to the email address on the billing portion of your application to be used to enroll in a later course date.  If your course was paid for and you did not receive a coupon code, please first check with your employer to see if they received it.  If not, email Stacey Bonham.  She will need the email address used on the billing page to look up your code.

If you had a PAID enrollment for an August Coronal Polishing or Nitrous course, you were sent an email and text asking you to contact Stacey Bonham with the date you would like to move to. She will need 1) Applicant's Name on the application, 2) August course they were enrolled in, 3) course date they want to move to.

For those taking the Online Radiation Safety Course, some testing sites have reopened, but some remain closed.  This means that you may need to drive further to an available testing site or wait until your preferred site reopens.  Keep in mind that your one-year requirement to complete your 200 radiographs and submit them to the board will not start until you pass the exam.  Since most offices are closed except for emergencies at this time, you would end up having less time to complete the radiograph requirement if you took the exam before your office reopens.  Use this time to study and review and then you will be more than prepared when it comes time to take the exam.


As of 3/18/2020, MobileSmiles Oklahoma will be closed indefinitely. Information will be posted on our websites about future plans – & Please refer to these sites for consistent updates AS THEY ARE AVAILABLE. While we deeply regret this decision, we will have no dental services available. This was a difficult decision to make but was done in the best interests of our patients, your clients, volunteers, and staff.

As you know best, the majority of our patients have a chronic illness (some have multiple underlying health issues: diabetes, COPD, hypertension, oral cancer, and the list goes on). These are the very vulnerable people who do not need to be in a group setting on our 37-foot mobile dental office. 

There will be a time when it is prudent to restart our program. We will be in touch as soon as we have an understanding of what that time looks like.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email Jordan Blalock.