Program Changes Due to COVID-19

None of us are in a position that we would have imagined a year ago. We are currently working on ways to start our programs up in such a way that is safe for everyone involved, but it may still be some time before we are back to operating as we have in the past.

Courses Update

We have been told that we will be able to return to the OU College of Dentistry in 2021, but they need to finalize their protocols before anything can be scheduled.  We will not be able to take new enrollees for courses until we have been able to take care of those who paid for a canceled 2020 course and did not request a refund. Class sizes also have to be reduced significantly, so it will take some time to get through that list.

Currently, we are having to schedule one course at a time instead of a year in advance as we have previously done.  If you paid for a 2020 course and did not take a refund, we are offering spots in those courses in the order you enrolled.

Each individual course page will be updated once we are able to start accepting new enrollments.  We are not currently keeping a waitlist for new enrollees.  This may change once we are able to start taking new enrollees.

Please understand this situation is still fluid and things are constantly changing.  We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

For those taking the Online Radiation Safety Course, most testing sites have reopened with some new requirements.  Please see the list of our Test Proctoring Sites for more information.


MobileSmiles Oklahoma is starting to operate on a very limited basis.  As always, we don't make appointments, but partner with other non-profits to treat those they serve.  If you are looking for free or low-cost dental services, please visit the Resource Guide for Dental Care.

For our past site partners who have questions about resuming services, please feel free to email Jordan Blalock.