Radiation Safety

This FAQ is specifically for the Radiation Safety course. For questions relating to courses in general, please refer to the General Questions.

Do I have to be employed to take this course?

Employment is NOT required for this course but it is recommended unless you are currently in dental assisting school due to the need to complete x-rays under the supervision of a dentist within one (1) year of taking the course.

When will I receive my course packet?

Packets will be emailed no later than two (2) weeks before the course. If two weeks have passed, please check your junk/spam/clutter folder. If you still have not received it, please contact our office to confirm your email address.

Is the test open book?

Starting in 2018, the test will no longer be open book.  Most of the online testing facilities don't allow students to have anything in the testing room.  LIVE course participants will be allowed to use the study guide only because they do not have time to study between the lecture and the test.  BOOKS will no longer be allowed during testing for either course but will be made available for those who choose to use them for advanced study.  Studying before the exam is always recommended.

Do I need to print off the book?

The book will not be allowed during the exam, so you are not required to print it off.  It can be printed off though if you prefer to study before the course.

Do I have to renew my permit every year?

Yes, a new rule was passed in 2013 requiring Radiation Safety permits to be renewed yearly.

I never received -OR- lost the form to record my 200 radiographs on.

You will need to contact the Board of Dentistry.

How many of my 200 radiographs can be panoramic?

According to the Board of Dentistry's statutes, only 5 can be panoramic.

How long do I have to apply for my Radiation Safety permit?

One (1) year from the time you took the course.