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Captain Supertooth is operated by the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation as a free service to Oklahoma Public Schools’ K–3rd graders. Visit the site for coloring sheets, toothbrush charts, and informational videos. You can also schedule Captain Supertooth to visit kids near you!

The Oklahoma Oral Health Coalition is dedicated to improving the oral health of Oklahoma’s children and their families. They do this through quarterly meetings and by providing links to reliable information and education through our website.

A website of Oral Health America, this is a great tool for caregivers, health professionals and older adults seeking assistance.

A guide for families, caregivers and dental providers.

A list of dentists who will see patients with special needs is available here: http://www.okda.org/public/patients-with-special-needs

Published by the American Dental Association, you’ll find nutrition tips and instructional videos about taking care of your mouth during all stages of life.

The Campaign for Dental Health (CDH) was created to ensure every American has access to the most affordable and most effective way to protect teeth — water fluoridation. The CDH is a network of local children’s and oral health advocates, health professionals and scientists who are working together to preserve our nation’s gains in oral health. They believe, quite simply, that life is better with teeth.

Children with healthy mouths do better in school and are more likely to become happy and successful adults. We want our communities to make rational decisions about their health based on science, not fear. So the mission of our work and this Web site is to share the facts about oral health and preventive strategies like fluoride.

More than 30 local, state and national organizations are partners in the CDH.

A website of Lighthouse Dental Care in Stratford, Connecticut that provides great general information about teeth as well as additional helpful links for those wanting to learn more about teeth.