Sealant Equipment Requirements

Covid-19 has forced our course facilities to change their protocols in their facilities.  Because of this, our policy of requiring participants to provide certain equipment and supplies will be STRICTLY ENFORCED Arriving at the course without the required supplies and equipment will result in dismissal from the course and a refund will not be granted and transferring to another course date will not be an option.  We have been lax on this requirement in the past but will be enforcing this requirement for the foreseeable future.

  • N95 that has been properly fit-tested -OR- a KN95 mask.
  • Slow-speed handpiece 4-Hole Air Driven Slow Speed - OR - Cordless Slow Speed (you don't need both, just one or the other.)
  • Slow-speed nose cone (aka straight attachment).
  • Slow speed latch angle attachment
  • Burs for adjustment of sealant: enhancer cup or point, green or white STONE that fit in latch angle
  • Four (4) disposable prophy angles
  • Curing light and shield (orange glasses can be used in place of a shield).
  • Millers forceps
  • Napkins & napkin clips
  • Exam gloves (several)
  • Surgical masks for yourself and your patient
  • Safety glasses for yourself and your patient
  • Disposable Protective gowns

See below for examples