Coronal Polishing

This FAQ is specifically for the Coronal Polishing course. For questions relating to courses in general, please refer to the General Questions.

When will I receive my course packet?

Packets are emailed out in time for you to have those two (2) weeks before the course. If two weeks has passed, please check your junk/spam folder.

Do I have to wear scrubs?


Can I take this course if I am pregnant?

Yes, BUT if you are in your first or third trimester, you must provide a stand-in patient.  See the course requirements for more details.

Can my Exam Patient be another dental professional?

No.  Your exam patient cannot be another dental professional (dental assistant, dental hygienist, dentist, etc.)

Do I Need A Stand-In Patient?

Stand-in Patients are ONLY REQUIRED IF you do not qualify to be a patient (see Course Requirements).

During the Coronal Polishing course, students practice on each other.  The purpose of the Stand-in Patient is to give another student someone to practice on in the event you cannot be practiced on.

Stand-in Patients are needed Saturday afternoon AND Sunday morning.  You may use more than one stand-in patient.  Unlike Exam Patients, Stand-in Patients MAY be another dental professional.  Your Stand-in Patient MAY NOT serve as your Exam Patient.

Your course schedule will tell you when your Stand-In Patient needs to arrive.

Can my Stand-In Patient be another dental professional?

Yes.  You can use another dental professional, but they cannot be someone taking the course with you.

Can I use the same person as my Stand-In Patient AND my Exam Patient?

No.  Your stand-in patient must be a separate individual.

Can my patient have cavities?

Your patient needs 20 natural teeth without decalcification (aka. decay). The patient's mouth doesn't have to be cavity-free AS LONG AS they have 20 natural teeth that do NOT have cavities.  Teeth with restorations (filled cavities) are acceptable.

Example: Patient has 24 natural teeth without crown or fixed bridges.  3 of those teeth have cavities which leaves the patient with 21 natural teeth. That patient would qualify.

Can my patient have generalized gum line decalcification?


Can patients have Invisalign buttons.

Yes.  The Invisalign buttons do not create a problem for this course.

Do I need to bring Disclosing Solution?

No, disclosing solution will be provide.  In fact you are required to use the disclosing solution provided by the school.