This FAQ is specifically for the Sealant course. For questions relating to courses in general, please refer to the General Questions.

When will I receive my course packet?

Packets are emailed out in time for you to have those two (2) weeks before the course. If two weeks has passed, please check your junk/spam folder.

Do I have to wear scrubs?


Can I use my Coronal Polishing Pass Letter to enroll in Sealants?

No.  Just because you passed coronal polishing does not mean that you have obtained your permit from the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry.  You must have a current permit that says "YES" next to Coronal Polishing.  Nothing else will be accepted.

Can my sealants patient have braces?


Can primary (baby) teeth be used for my six (6) exam teeth.

No.  Permanent teeth are the only ones that can have sealants applied to them.

Can I take this course if I am pregnant.


Can my Exam Patient be another dental professional?

No.  You may NOT use another dental professional (dental assistant, dental hygienist, dentist, etc.) as your exam patient.

Can my extracted teeth have decay?

Incipient (initial) decay is okay but the occlusal surface must be intact to be able to place sealants.

Can my extracted teeth have restoration?

No.  Extracted teeth must be free of restoration.